With the end of summer comes the end of long days at the beach under the sun. These occasions called for products with SPF, heat protectant sprays for your hair and natural-looking makeup. The hot and humid weather of the summer causes a whole host of problems for your skin and hair that you have to combat with the right skincare routine.

Now that falls about to begin the weather is changing. As the leaves start to change, the temperature cools down, and the air dries out. This brings brand new skin problems to tackle. Your skin and hair become drier and you lose your summer tan. This calls for a new skincare routine catered for the chilly fall season.

Maintaining healthy skin all year doesn’t have to be challenging if you change up your skincare routine often enough.

Here are a few autumn skin care tips from Rejuvenation Laser & Skin Center to keep in mind as you prepare for the fall:

Fall Skin Care Tips

Hydrate with Essential Oils, Serums, and Creams

Your skin is apt to be a little extra sensitive at the beginning of the season. The switch from the moisture-locked barrier your skin held in the humid months of the summer to the dry, dehydrated state that comes with the fall can seriously damage your skin. Load up on essential oils, serums, and creams that contain collagen, elastin, or aloe. These can help boost your skin’s hydration and protect it during the seasonal transition.

Change Your Moisturizer

While a light moisturizer was perfectly adequate for long summer days, fall calls for a much tougher solution. Switch to a heavier moisturizer to ensure that your skin stays hydrated and smooth in the cooler months of the year. For the best results, put this on each night before bed and wake up with hydrated and healthy skin.

Use a Humidifier

Your skincare regime shouldn’t end with the products that you put on your skin. Adding a humidifier to your home can help increase the moisture in the air which in turn will help out your skin.

Don’t Skip Your Sunscreen

Even in the colder months when you don’t spend nearly as much time outside and the sun isn’t as warm, you need to use sunscreen. UV radiation, while stronger in the summer, is persistent throughout all seasons of the year. Protect yourself against skin cancer by keeping SPF in your skincare routine all year.

Use Lip Moisturizer

It’s probably no surprise to you that chapped lips are a frequent fall and winter headache. Your skin isn’t the only part of your body that needs an extra moisture boost throughout the drier seasons. Find a good chapstick that will moisturize your skin. Combat dry and flaky lips by keeping it with you and reapplying it throughout the day as needed.

Skin Care Tips for Fall

Caring for your skin in the fall is a totally different game than in the summer. To be prepared for seasonal changes, and their effects on your skin, change up your skincare routine throughout the year. And please reach out with any questions you may have.