Laser Acne Treatments in Williamstown, WV

If you have struggled with acne problems all your life and you are looking for someone to help you with it, we have the solution for you.

You get the facials, you buy the expensive products, but nothing seems to remove the acne – and you do not want to risk scars.

Laser acne treatments are becoming popular today because they not only help treat acne, but they can use a non-invasive method for removing scars – and they work faster and more efficiently than home remedies and expensive creams.

Laser Acne Treatments: What are They?

Laser acne treatments use the latest technology to fight acne and keep it from coming back. Since 2002, several lasers have been cleared by the FDA for use in the treatment of acne.

Lasers produce intense light beams, and the light is transmitted using a narrow band of wavelengths. The light will not affect all areas of the skin; instead, it is explicitly designed to treat one spot. The primary effect of these treatments is to resurface the skin and remove blemishes at the same time. 

Why Receive Laser Acne Treatments?

The laser acne treatment most definitely will improve the appearance and reduce acne blemishes. Some of the reasons clients love to use the laser treatments for their acne include:


A laser treatment is quick and relatively painless. You can have the procedure done in a few short minutes – sometimes as little as 15 minutes per treatment. After a few sessions, you should see results.

No Recovery Required

Laser procedures are not invasive surgical procedures. Therefore, you have little to no recovery time. While some swelling and redness are expected, you can return to work and other daily functions immediately after your treatment.

Reduces Oil Production

When your sebaceous glands excrete too much oil, it creates a backup of oil and leads to more breakouts. Laser treatments can help decrease oil production so that you see fewer breakouts.

Reduces Scarring

Severe cases of acne can lead to permanent scars. With the right treatment, you can reduce any scars you have left behind from acne, and you can resurface the skin so that the texture is even and smooth.

Removes Bacteria

The most significant advantage is that lasers can target the bacteria inside your skin causing your unsightly breakouts. They penetrate the individual layers of the skin and remove bacterial deposits, which prevents acne.

Less Inflamation

Frequent breakouts can cause imperfections and redness on your skin. With laser treatments, you can prevent breakouts, reduce inflammation, and improve any pigmentation irregularities.

FAQs About Laser Acne Treatments from the Rejuvenation Laser & Skin Center

Are laser acne treatments painful?
Most treatments are painless, but you could experience a minor amount of discomfort. Your technician will apply a small amount of soothing cream to reduce discomfort.
What do you look like after a treatment?
Immediately afterward you may notice some mild redness, but this is common. The redness subsidies usually one hour afterward.
What areas can be treated with lasers?
Anywhere acne appears, including the back, face, neck, and chest.
How long do laser treatments last?
Laser acne treatments will last for three weeks up to two months, but it may take two to three treatments before you notice results.
How much do laser acne treatments cost?

The cost of your treatment depends on the lasers required, the areas affected, and the number of procedures. You can contact us for a review of your specific needs and we will provide additional information on your laser acne treatment in Ohio and West Virginia.

Are laser acne treatments safe?
Yes, these procedures are very reliable. The FDA has approved lasers for acne removal and scar treatments. The lasers are explicitly designed to control acne-prone areas without causing damage to the surrounding skin.

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