There is no one size fits all solution to great skincare because everyone’s skin is different. It can take a trial and error process to determine what is the best skincare regime for you. 

Mistakes to Avoid 

People make some common mistakes when it comes to their skincare routine, and we are here to set the record straight on what dermatologists are not recommending that you do to keep your skin looking great.

Mistake #1: Too Much Steam 

Many people think the best way to keep their skin looking great is to replicate a spa or sauna treatment by soaking their skin in hot steam. Steam treatments are suitable for the skin, but too much can have the opposite effect. The benefit of using steam on the skin is that it opens up the pores so that impurities can be removed like blackheads. It also makes the skin more receptive to skincare products. 


On the other hand, too much steam can dry out the skin and remove natural oils that keep the skin hydrated. The skin can actually begin to age more rapidly if too many steam treatments are being used. If you use an at-home facial steamer, try to minimize the use only when you need it instead of using it on a daily basis and wreaking havoc on the natural oils that keep your skin looking young and moisturized. 

Mistake #2: Foam Cleansers

Most foam cleansers are alkaline. Skin does not react positively to alkaline environments and can dry out fast. Using foaming facial cleansers is a good way to strip the natural oils from the skin and make it look dry rather than hydrated. 

Mistake #3: Too Much Exfoliating 

Figuring out how much exfoliating works for your skin is a trial and error process. People who overdo it with the exfoliation will find themselves suffering from dry and irritated skin. Some exfoliants use harsh chemicals that effectively strip all of the natural oils from the skin. One of the worst things that dermatologists say that people do to their skin when it comes to over-exfoliating is that they mix multiple exfoliating products, which can wreck delicate skin. Stick to one good exfoliating product once or twice a week, followed by a soothing moisturizer. 


We are not saying that you should throw your facial steamer in the trash. In fact, there can be many benefits to using this product, but you should use it thoughtfully and not overdo it. Pay attention to how your skin reacts and reduce the sessions of steaming if the skin becomes dry. Once a week is usually a reasonable amount for most people. It is also important that the steamer you are using is a quality device that dermatologists approve of. 


As we discussed in the section about foam cleansers, alkaline products are not suitable for the skin. To ensure that your products are not going to strip your skin of all of the natural oils, you can use a pH test kit on the skincare products. It can be fun to watch the pH strips turn colors, and it gives you a better idea of what you are actually putting on your face. 


The skin has a natural protective barrier of oils, which is stripped away by too many exfoliants and products. To ensure that the skin is effectively recovering its natural oils, which are the best way to keep the skin looking great, it is important to give the skin rest in between treatments. Constant steaming, exfoliating, and cleansing will dry out skin, making it age faster. For glowing hydrated skin, try to focus on using products that boost the natural hydrating oils of the face rather than products that strip away at them. 


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