Spider veins are a common medical condition that will occur when the valves of your veins become weak or damaged in some manner. With this damage, the blood is going to start pooling right under the skin and the smaller vessels will be visible through the skin. There are different risk factors that may make it more likely that you will develop spider veins including hormones, genetics, poor circulation, sun damage, and even your age. 

Those who have spider veins will often want to find ways to treat the spider veins and make the appearance look better. Some of the different options available for treatments include:


Non-Surgical Options

While laser treatments can work for many types of spider veins, it is not the option that will work all the time. Some of the deeper and larger varicose veins can’t be solved using laser therapy. These veins can be treated through sclerotherapy instead. If you have a vein that is 1 mm in diameter or less, then laser treatment is a good way to fix the issue. 


How to Use Laser Treatments On Your Spider Veins

The laser beam in this treatment will target the blood by passing right through the outer layer of the skin, without causing any harm here. The targeted vessel will absorb the energy that the laser delivers and the heat will cause the blood that is in that vessel to clot. Over the following two weeks, the veins that you treated will reabsorb into the body and eventually disappear. 

After just one laser treatment, you should be able to see dramatic improvements. Depending on the way that your body responds to the treatment and the number of vessels that you need to treat, it is possible you will need more than one treatment to get it all done. 


FAQS’ About Spider Veins

Spider veins are not painful, do I need treatment?

Many people who have spider veins in their legs do not notice any pain. However, after the laser treatment is done the patients may notice that their legs feel less heavy, restless, itchy, and crampy than before. 


Will the veins come back after laser treatment?

No, your spider veins will not come back after the treatment. Within the following few weeks, the capillaries and veins will get treated and then reabsorb into the body. This makes them disappear without coming back. 


Can I just hide the veins without treatment?

It is common for people to feel a little self-conscious about their spider veins. Not getting these veins treated can make it hard to enjoy being outside and wearing what you would like. Laser treatment is often a better option compared to covering them up and not getting to enjoy some activities where your legs need to show. Plus, there is the issue of varicose veins getting worse, and more visible, over time, rather than staying the same. This makes them more visible so it is best to deal with them early on. While you can hide the spider veins with foundation or clothes, it isn’t much fun. 

Laser treatment can help to prevent these veins from getting darker and easier to see. This can provide you with a lot of relief when you do not need to worry about them showing up and being noticeable to those around you. The laser treatment will not damage any of the outer skin layers that you have and it can be effective and quick as well. And in only two weeks, you can say goodbye to those spider veins and love your legs again. 

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