Summer brings out some of the best weather and activities but can also bring out the worst in our skin. While we may enjoy spending additional time outdoors, enjoying the sun, beaches, and trails, our skin is subjected to additional stressors in the form of humidity, temperature changes, UV rays, and more. These factors can increase the oil, or sebum, production from your sebaceous glands.

To combat the additional oil production, you may need to change up your skincare routine for the warmer summer months. Here are some of our favorite tips for keeping oily skin under control this summer.

Don’t Over Cleanse

When our skin feels oily, many people’s natural response is to increase the frequency with which they wash their face, assuming it will remove the oil and make their skin cleaner. Unfortunately, this has the opposite effect, as using facial cleanser too frequently can strip it of moisture and cause it to produce even more oil.

To avoid overdoing it, use a gentle face wash twice a day and only use exfoliation once or twice a week. Excessing cleansing and exfoliation can not only lead to increased oil production, but also redness, flaking, and scarring. We recommend light AHA toners during the summer for a gentle way to remove dead skin cells.

Cut Back on Beauty and Skincare Products

During the warmer months, we recommend reducing the number of products in your beauty and skincare routines and swapping some out for lighter options. For daytime, opt for more lightweight serums and cleansers with AHAs. Also, include sunscreens, such as zinc-oxide or SPF.

Change up your nighttime routine by swapping out heavy creams for oil-free hydrating serums. Reduce the number of products you use at night to avoid them sitting on your skin if you tend to sweat while you sleep. If you enjoy using face masks as a part of your skincare routine, try sulfur or charcoal masks to help maintain oil production and remove impurities.

Keep Moisturizing

While our natural instinct is to cut back on moisturizer when our skin gets oily, this is more harmful than beneficial. Moisture helps combat excessive oiliness, so keeping your skin hydrated during the summer is essential. If your skin gets too dry, your sebaceous glands will create more oil to compensate. Avoid this issue by choosing an oil-free moisturizer to stay hydrated without weighing your skin down with additional oils.

Try Sweat-Proof Makeup

In addition to reducing your beauty products, we recommend swapping out for sweat-proof or water-proof products when possible. Water-proof products are usually lightweight and allow your skin to breathe so that oil and sweat don’t get trapped against your skin. You can also finish your beauty routine with a setting spray which can help keep your skin from getting oily and melting off your makeup.

Blot Away the Oil

You can purchase oil blotting sheets that are perfect for handling excessive oil on your skin while on the go. These inexpensive sheets soak up oil, so your skin looks less shiny. We recommend grabbing a pack to keep in your purse during the summer months. You can also use plain tissue paper to achieve the same effect in a pinch. 

Stay Hydrated

One of the easiest ways to keep our skin healthy and functioning at its best is to stay hydrated. Experts recommend drinking at least 64 oz of water every day to keep the skin happy and hydrated. Properly hydrated skin is less likely to produce excess oil and cause breakouts.

Call Skin Treatment Experts

If you are still having issues with oily skin during the summer after trying out these tips, contact our dermatologists at Rejuvenation Laser & Skin Center for a full consultation.