Winter can be an especially harsh time for our skin due to cold, dry air, and rapid weather changes. Many of the things we like to do during the winter months, such as enjoying the outdoors, sitting near a cozy fire, or taking a hot bath, can easily leave your skin dry, red, and irritated, especially if it is sensitive. 

It is important to give your skin some extra love and attention during this time to keep it moisturized and looking good.

Our Favorite Tips for Keeping Your Skin Healthy During The Winter Months.

  • Add moisture to the air with a humidifier. A humidifier will increase the humidity level in your room to help keep your skin from losing moisture. We recommend keeping a humidifier in rooms you often frequent, such as your office and bedroom. Be sure to clean your humidifier regularly to prevent mold and buildup. 
  • Maintain your thermostat at a lower temperature. While many people turn the heat up at the first signs of a chill, having your heat constantly running will make your house significantly drier. To keep the air and your skin moist, keep your thermostat within a lower range, between 68° and 72° F.
  • Keep showers short and warm. While a long, steamy shower or bath may feel amazing during the winter months, it is not the best option for your skin. Try taking shorter showers or baths with the temperature set to lukewarm. This will prevent your skin from getting dried out from the hot water. This also works for washing your hands. The CDC has found that washing your hands with cool water is just as effective as hot water and is less likely to irritate your skin. 
  • Make smart skincare choices. Your skin will likely need some extra support during the winter months which you can offer via your skincare routine. Change up your skincare routine as the weather cools down by introducing more creams and moisturizers and removing toners and astringents, which may dry out your skin. Choose a gentle cleanser with no fragrance or ingredients that may irritate your already rough skin. If your lips become chapped, apply a balm or jelly to protect them and help them heal.
  • Moisture your hands and body regularly. Your hands can get especially dry during the winter due to frequent washing and drying which sucks moisture from the skin. Handwashing is essential during the winter months to prevent the spread of things like the flu, but make sure you are moisturizing your hands after each wash to help keep them from getting too dry.
  • Don’t forget your sunscreen. Even though you may see less direct sunlight during the winter, sunscreen is still essential. Snow can reflect up to 80% of the sun’s harmful UV rays which can easily permeate clouds to cause damage to your skin. If you’re going outside, wear broad-spectrum sunscreen no matter the season or weather.
  • Find non-irritating clothing. Common cold-weather fabrics, such as wool, can be especially irritating if your skin is already dry and itchy. Choose light layers of breathable fabric to sit directly next to your skin before you add heavier layers. 
  • Eat well and drink your water. What you put in your body can also help maintain the moisture in your skin during the winter months. Make sure you are drinking enough water and consider supplementing your diet with foods containing omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids.

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If you follow the tips above, your skin should be able to stay looking its best all season long. If you find yourself needing a helping hand or simply want to treat yourself to some extra pampering this holiday season, contact our team at Rejuvenation Laser & Skin Center today.