Essential oils have become increasingly popular as people begin to learn more about the benefits of the oils. Specifically, one essential oil has become increasingly popular — lavender. Lavender not only smells wonderful, the benefits are becoming more well-know.

Below is a list of some of the skincare benefits of lavender essential oil from Rejuvenation Laser & Skin Center in Vienna, WV:

  • Massage Oil: Lavender is known for its relaxing scent, so when used for massages, it calms your mind, soothes your muscles, and helps to bring healing to your skin. Lavender can promote the healing of inflammation in the skin.
  • Bug Repellent: Lavender is helpful when trying to repel bugs such as mosquitos or other outdoor bugs. The smell will deter them from coming near you, helping you to avoid those obnoxious bug bites.
  • Bug-Bite Fighter: If you did manage to still get a bug bite, or maybe you forgot to apply your lavender before heading outside, put a drop or two on your bug bites. You’ll notice the itching and inflammation go down quickly.
  • Bath Soaps: Lavender essential oil has a soothing effect when added to soap. There are several online recipes that encourage making your own soap. If you’re up for a DIY project, add some lavender to your own soap. Or, ditch the DIY project and just add 10-15 drops of lavender to your bath water.
  • Skin Lotion: Lavender creates smooth, baby-like skin and can be used in your lotion after a shower or bath. Pump lotion in your hand and add in about 1-2 drops, depending on the potency of the essential oil.
  • Sleeping Aid: As mentioned above, lavender is relaxing and calming to the brain and body. If you’re wanting a better night’s sleep, try lavender. You can use it through a diffuser or put it directly on the bottom of your feet and behind your ears.
  • Add to Your Skin Care Routine: Adding a couple drops in your mascara tube will help to promote growth on your lashes, as well as conditioning them. Additionally, lavender can help to reduce any redness on your face, so 1-2 drops in your face lotion can help to promote healing.


  1. Can I use lavender essential oils from any company? The short answer is yes. However, certain companies may decrease the potency of the essential oil causing you to have to use more. Essential oil companies and distributors are not required to tell you how much lavender they are using with a carrier oil. Do your research before making a hasty purchase. The more potent the oil, the larger the effect will be.
  2. Can I use lavender on my child? In most cases, lavender is okay for children. However, consult your doctor if you may have concerns. Diffusing the oil may be the best route for some children, rather than direct application.

Lavender contains so many benefits and at Rejuvenation Laser & Skin Center, we know it. We encourage the use of essential oils as a natural way to work with your body. Interested in learning what we can do for you? Contact us today!