With the winter weather comes challenging skin issues that can make your skin itchy, dry, and irritated. The cold, inclement conditions can cause your skin to feel raw, and the dry indoor heat sucks the moisture from your skin.

Things that make winter wonderful, such as enjoying a cozy night by the fire, is drying to your skin according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Taking those hot showers feels good on a cold winter day, but the hot water strips your skin of the natural oils and causes it to be dry.

Despite the havoc winter can bring, there are easy ways to combat dry winter skin and keep it moist and supple throughout the season. By taking a not-quite-so-hot shower, blotting your skin dry, and applying a thick moisturizer are some examples of ways to benefit your skin during the colder months.

Here are a few tips to keep your skin healthy throughout the winter months, so you will be confident with how you look and feel.

Top 5 Tips for Healthy Skin in the Winter Season

1. Limit Shower Temperature and Time
As winter hits, long, steamy showers and baths seem par for the course, but it is not good for your skin. By taking a shorter five to ten-minute lukewarm bath or shower, your skin will be much better served. Avoid excessively hot water when hand washing. You will know if it is too hot if your hands turn red after being in the water. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says washing your hands in cooler water is as effective at getting rid of germs. When using a hand-dryer in a restroom, use it until your hands are slightly damp, not completely dry.

2. Lower the Thermostat
Even though it is tempting to turn up the heat when it is chilly outside, don’t do it! Central heat causes the air in your house to be even drier. Keep the thermostat at a cool, yet comfortable temperature—68 degrees F to 72 degrees F. This simple step will help you to maintain healthy skin.

3. Run a Humidifier
A humidifier in the office or home will keep moisture levels up in the dry winter air and help your skin to stay hydrated. Use a humidifier where you spend most of your time, even in your bedroom.

4. Use Fragrance-Free Cleansers
Regular bar soap contains irritating fragrances and ingredients. Instead of using the products that can worsen dry, itchy skin, wash with a fragrance-free moisturizing gel or cleanser. Remember, even unscented products may contain fragrances of some sort. By using less soap overall, you can prevent winter skin issues, so limit the use of soap except on essential areas, such as hands, feet, and underarms.

5. Change Your Facial Skin-Care Regimen
It is vital in the winter month to use cream-based cleaners and apply toners and astringents very moderately if at all. The alcohol in the astringents will dry your skin even further. If you have dry and itchy skin, stop using all products with fragrances and alcohol to aid the skin in retaining its natural oils. Use a richer moisturizer on your face in the evening.

Remember, your lips need special care in the dry months as well. Apply a moisturizing balm to help heal cracked dry lips and keep them from getting chapped. Switch to a different product if you notice a tingling or stinging sensation.

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