Summer is fading fast, and fall is on the way. We understand how to adjust to the dropping temperatures and the crisper air but adapting our skincare routine is a little more complicated. Don’t worry! Here is some help for the transition of the heat of summer to the cooler, drier air of fall.

Increase Hydration and Moisture

Moisture and hydration have two very different meanings but are sometimes confused as one thing. Moisture is a sign of the skin’s oil content, while hydration is a sign of the skin’s water content. It is imperative to have a balance of the two, so you can maintain healthy skin.

Skin that doesn’t have enough water is dehydrated, which is a skin condition. Skin that doesn’t have enough oil is considered dry and is a skin type. Your skin can actually be both dehydrated and dry. As cooler months begin, dehydration and dryness can become worse and cause flaking, irritation, and dullness. To achieve balanced skin, make sure to use products to boost hydration and moisture in your skin. Hyaluronic Acid is a great ingredient for hydration, and natural butter and oils will provide the nourishing moisture your skin needs.

Vitamin C

We always think of Vitamin C in the summer months for the defense it gives our skin, but it is just as important in the colder months. Applying Vitamin C in the transition to fall helps boost our skin’s defenses, helping it stay strong and healthy throughout the change. Many call Vitamin C the “gold-standard in anti-aging.” The vitamin supports the skin’s natural barrier designed to keep out the bad stuff and keep in the good. The strong barrier allows your skin to maintain the proper moisture content and hydration levels, keeping your skin radiant and youthful. Taking Vitamin C doesn’t impact the skin, so it is important to add it to your skincare routine to get the maximum results.

Up Your Eye Game

The area around your eyes can cause some concern with the drier air of fall. The decrease in moisture makes fine lines appear more noticeable and dark circles seem worse. Now is the time to incorporate eye care into your routine. Caffeine, amino acids, and peptides are all ingredients to have on hand, as together they address the major concerns around the eyes. Apply by using a small amount of product on your ring finger, tap along the orbital bone, and allow the warmth of your finger to help the product apply uniformly. Don’t apply too close to the lash line and be careful not to tug on the delicate eye area.

SPF All Year Long

Remember SPF is important for our skin no matter the season. Damaging UV rays are present in every season and cause the majority of aging concerns of the skin. The rays can penetrate glass and clouds, so even on those cloudy days we are in the coffee shop by the window, sunscreen is a must! Make it a priority in your skincare routine!

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