Melasma is a condition that causes discolored, dark patches on the skin caused by excessive melanin. It is also known as the mask of pregnancy or chloasma. Although 90 percent of those who develop melasma are women, men can get it as well.

The symptoms of melasma are brownish-colored patches appearing on the cheeks, bridge of the nose, forehead, and/or chin. It can occur on the forearms and the neck. The condition will not cause you physical harm, but it may cause feelings of self-consciousness about how you look.

What causes the condition?

It is not clear the cause of melasma. Dark skin seems to be more at risk than fair skin. Progesterone and estrogen sensitivity are also linked with the condition. Hormone therapy, pregnancy, and birth control pills can aid in triggering melasma, along with thyroid disease and stress. Sun exposure can also cause the condition due to the ultraviolet rays, which affect the melanocytes (cells that control pigment).

How is Melasma diagnosed and treated?

Usually a visual exam is enough to diagnose melasma. Your doctor may also perform some additional tests to rule out specific causes. Melasma can disappear on its own, and typically does when the cause is birth control pills or pregnancy. Creams prescribed by your doctor are available that will lighten the skin. Topical steroids also may help lighten the affected skin. If these are not successful, dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, or chemical peels are options. These treatments may lighten the patches by stripping away the top layer of the skin. There is no guarantee these procedures will stop melasma from returning, and in some cases it won’t completely lighten the area.

If these treatments are not working, you may be a candidate for laser treatments. According to dermatologists, the toning effect of laser treatments can help improve the pigmentation issues, dark spots, and lesions, revealing even skin tone.

Benefits of Laser Treatments

  • Lasers help resurface the skin surface without doing damage to multiple layers.
  • Lasers are safe to use on most skin types.
  • There is no downtime when treating the skin with lasers.
  • The treatments are painless.
  • After undergoing treatments, you will enjoy long-term results.
  • Laser treatments are accessible and affordable.

To see if you are a candidate for laser treatments, you will need to meet with a technician for a personal consultation. Your skin condition and health must be assessed to make sure you are healthy enough for the treatments. All risks will be looked at, so you are aware of the procedure.

Laser Treatments in Vienna

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