When you finally see the new art on your skin when the tattoo artist lays the gun down, you are over the moon with happiness. You stand out, you feel special, your ink has a story to tell. Getting a new tattoo can become an addiction with time, especially when you notice the looks of admiration from those who understand your passion. What each tattoo represents matters to you, and you think the significance of the event will never go away.

There does come a time when you may consider getting your tattoo removed. How will you know when to make that decision? You begin by asking yourself some questions and answer honestly. Do you love your tattoo every time you see it or are there times you think you acted hastily in getting it? Has the meaning of the tattoo been lost or has it changed? Does the ink make you feel less self-confident or not as attractive? Do you find yourself searching “tattoo removal options”?

Still struggling with how you really feel about having the ink on your skin? Here are a few guidelines put together by people who are having a change of heart: You cover your tattoo most of the time, you get teased about your tattoo; you try and wash it off subconsciously when showering; you are not comfortable taking off your clothes; you keep explaining the meaning of your ink; you seem to be working extra hard to prove yourself worthy of a promotion at work.

If you have finally decided your tattoo should be gone, you are not alone. The Harris Poll from 2012 reported 17 percent of U.S. adults with a tattoo have had some regret about getting a tattoo. Sixty percent have mixed feelings about their markings in the first year and 20 percent in the first five years. Many like their tattoo for the first year or two, may become indifferent to it a few years after getting it, and then realize after a while, it no longer represents who you are.

Has your tattoo become a burden to your opportunities? You couldn’t get enough of it in the beginning and you flaunted it wherever and whenever you had the opportunity. But it seems after hearing questions every day about your tattoo such as, “Is that exactly what you thought it would look like, or is it really what you wanted, or…?” the pride begins to wear off. Now instead of picking out outfits that flaunt your ink, you do the opposite and make up ready-made answers to give to the onlookers. “It IS meant to be this large,” “No, you can’t touch it,” “No, I wasn’t drunk when I got it,” “I do not own a badass looking dog with a spiky collar,” and “No, I was never in jail, why do you ask?”

If you find yourself continually explaining life ambitions, your relationship status, or your character to random people on the street, it is a sign that your tattoo is talking before you even say a word. And if you choose to hide it rather than answering the questions, it is obviously not in your best interest to keep it. Have you had your ID checked by a policeman more often than you are comfortable with? Has someone else been chosen for the job for which you were best suited? Has your latest dream man asked you if your Dad’s name is Dave Forever? How uncomfortable are these situations and what has the missed opportunities cost you?

Most individuals who decide to have their ink removed can do so, depending on the size, for under $800 on average. So what is stopping you? If you are worried about the cost, just consider how much it is actually costing you to stay with an appearance you don’t even like. Will you think it is fair to not get invited to a black tie event at your company, even though you are doing the best job on the team? Will you regret not engaging the charming girl in conversation after you heard she thinks tattoos are a major turn off?

Mid-Ohio Valley Tattoo Removal

When you decide you want something done about your tattoo- we are here to help you. You can finally stop saying you wish your skin was “virgin”. Ways to get your skin back is easier than you would imagine.

Give us a call for a free consultation and we will give you the best advice based on your wants and needs. We have helped hundreds of clients get rid of tattoos and you will be no different. Whatever your reason, simply changing your mind or feeling it doesn’t represent you well, contact us and we will schedule your appointment and get that tattoo removed!