Are you tired of the time it takes to maintain your smooth, sleek look by shaving every day in the summertime? Tired of buying expensive razors to keep your skin as smooth as possible? Tired of the pain of plucking and waxing? Women and men who want a more permanent solution to the problem may opt to have laser hair removal. Although it takes several treatments to get rid of all hair, once done, the face, arms, legs, and torso are left smooth and free of irritation and redness that occurs from shaving. Laser hair removal is one of the most common procedures done in the U.S. It uses highly concentrated light to beam into hair follicles. The pigment of the follicles absorbs the light which in turn destroys the hair. If this is something that interests you, consider the best time of the year to begin the treatments.

Once the transition of summer into fall begins, it is time to start the laser removal treatments. Laser hair removal requires several treatments which are staggered over six to ten weeks apart. Most patients experience permanent hair loss after three to seven sessions. As summer begins, there is not enough time to complete the treatments before the season is over, but it’s a good idea to start preparing for next year. 

Why Fall?

Color plays a huge part in laser hair removal. Dark hair absorbs the laser’s heat energy, killing it. The higher the contrast between the hair color and the skin color, the more effective the treatment. People with tanned skin, whether by the sun or artificial means, are not good candidates for laser hair removal treatment. The tanned skin requires the power of the laser to be decreased, which will result in more sessions. By opting to have the sessions during the autumn months or the winter, the number of treatments will be less for most fair-skinned customers.

The treatments cause the skin to be sensitive to sun exposure, which is another good reason to opt for fall and winter to have the laser hair removal. Once receiving the treatments, you need to wait about one month to tan your skin. Be sure and wear sunscreen every day. By being patient and waiting, you are allowing your skin to heal and it prevents skin damage as well as discoloration from occurring.

If you would love to throw away your razor forever, you should consider laser hair removal. Plan the best time to have it done, and the results will be smooth, beautiful skin that you will want to show off. Be sure and attend every session, even after hair growth begins slowing down. 

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